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23 December 2009 @ 11:09 pm
i'm sorry. i haven't been updating lately.

so, yeah, as a CHRISTMAS gift to you guys, i've collected these things from the post @ this place,
and i've done you guys some good! to avoid the time-consuming rightclick-save things we do whenever we save pictures, i've compiled everything into a .RAR file |D yay :D 

so, here goes!



for some reason, MU&MF wont let me upload things. deymn. please hang on as i wring the necks of their maintainers.

*enjoy :)


PS: no watermarks included here :)
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07 September 2009 @ 02:06 pm
i saw the video @ allkpop.com,
so i've decided to, err...rip the mp3 out of it ;)

FIRST, the video :D

credits: ygsecret21

now, download!  MF {still working on it; mf's on temporary maintenance}MU

-comment when taking!
-enjoy! :]

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06 September 2009 @ 04:02 pm
hi, this is kaye|littlepianogirl , the owner of hanbokimono .

today, i am opening this graphics comm of mine, hoping that i will be able to update
this comm as much as possible. :)

now, i shall post the following:


Amber Liu
[1] f(x) LA chA TA
[2] Big Bang
[9] Kim Bum
[11] Kim So Eun
[18] Kim Jonghyun

F R I E N D S  B A N N E R
f(x) semi-friends only
[2] f(x) friends only
[1] Amber Liu friends only
[1] T.O.P friends only
[1] Kim Jonghyun friends only
[1] Kim Jonghyun semi-friends only

dendenenendendendendendendeeeeeennn~Collapse )

-comment when taking ;)
-credit hanbokimono or littlepianogirl
-watch hanbokimono ?

next batch: J-POP :] hopefully..

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